How to Find and Fascinate a Mistress "How to Find a Fascinate a Mistress showcases spot-on yet relaxed vocals that belie more experience than a sophomore album would indicate... a surprising abundance of love songs that are heartbreakingly beautiful in their lyrical simplicity... Vile Richard delivers a solid sophomore effort with smart lyrics, sophisticated arrangements and an overall sense of fun that makes talent like theirs seem effortless."

VIEW magazine "The new songs continue in VR's tradition of intellectually driven, quirky folk songs that can be simultaneously cute and bittersweet, fraught with literary allusion and sung with sentimentality" "The songs are delivered in a quirky, upbeat and an occasional comedic manner, possibly worth blasting out during a long weekend in the cabin with a two-four of Laker."

Lazlo's Den "their songs range from the Americana vibe of "poison pill", to a rocking Toad The Wet Sprocket-esque "family"...and that's just the first 2 songs on this fine CD. The stand out track is "hockey song", not just because I am a huge hockey fan (Go Devils!), but because it's one of the catchiest songs I've heard this year, and the chorus of "And I'll drink drink drink, And I'll fight fight fight, And I'll watch Donald Cherry on Saturday Night", gets stuck in my head for days after hearing it. There are 8 other equally catchy and entertaining songs on this CD."

Lucky Me
modern-dance "...they're all cracking songs. At times I was reminded ever so slightly of REM, and something else I couldn't quite put my finger on. Pleasant, well rounded and balanced and songs like Desert Nights, Unreal, This Urgency and Wanted To are all ideal for radio. Ahh, I've just realised what I can't put my finger on, Olaf sings a bit like the guy from Placebo. Great little cd!" [Full Review]

VIEW magazine "With a 90's college rock sound, Alders and company offer a quirky blast from yesteryear that might please folk/pop/rock fans of Matthew Sweet, Elliot Smith or Grapes of Wrath."

Nobody gets only great reviews and neither does Vile Richard. So, we've even archived the bad press. Enjoy!