No Regrets

I can only write what I know,
And I suppose you think it shows,
And when you're down you find a way,
Oh but I prefer to stay,
When I'm down,
Where I was found,
And if you try to pull me out I'll just start to scream and shout,
And you get caught and I pull you down,
But I'm a nice guy and I'll let you out,
Aren't I a nice guy I let you out,
But I cannot show this face around

When she was born this daddy cried,
That's to let you know that I would try,
And as these tears fall down like rain,
And if I can I'll be around some day,
To come and play,
To come and play,
I swear I never made a promise I never swore that I would stay,
But I swear now to God that I will learn someday,
I'll swear to God that I was the one who was led astray,
I'll swear a lot just to get you back,
Lord but I cannot do that,

I cannot do that

I wish I could make good decisions,
I wish I could go back in time,
I will drink water instead of wine,
I'll pray the price now for my crime,
I wish I could go back in time,
But I cannot do that,

I cannot do that

© Andrew Vanhorn.

Olaf Alders:Backing Vocals, Glockenspiel
Bill Dean:Electric Guitar
David Lynch:Bass
Randy Solski:Drums
Andrew Vanhorn:Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Tambourine