She wakes up scared and there's no one around,
She wakes up cold, no love to be found
She's not gonna cry, She doesn't wonder why
Like the time I heard you ran him over
Like the time I stood for you at the bar
Black sheep you and I gotta stick together
Through stormy weather
Like the friends here that I have found
Seem to say things as I walk away
Gotta be nice and be a model
Cause they look up to you
Gotta keep the family together
head overseas and meet the old
Thought they both be talking cold
when you turn your back and face the boat

and all i wanna do is stand up tall and scream
watch you people running around
all you ever wanna do is back stab
and the things you do and the things you say
memories they sting
and before you turn around, they're gone

Like the time I locked myself in my room
Said i wont be comin' out anytime soon
Daddy knocked the door down for water and bread
he alwasy used his head and
I swear i took them straight to hell
and back again but now thigns are swell
take a look at what i've become, must have learned it all somehow
can't blame anyone else but me
but hey i come from a family tree
do everything yourself, i learned from the master

like a picture of my sister crying please
i don't really feel like smiling
you'd better close your eyes and smile
he's from overseas and
like the weddings of the past where i have been
and the weddings of the future i'm sure i'll be
me and my rum and coke are watchin
watching brothers mingle

© Andrew Vanhorn.

Olaf Alders:Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Marc Daoust:Bass
Stephen Fuller:Violin
Randy Solski:Drums
Andrew Vanhorn:Vocals, Banjo